DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is a one-off annual grant that is awarded to non-EU student/s in their second year of study at the Dutch Art Institute. It is funded by the generous donations from the DAI’s broader community. It is open to eligible and interested DAI students who bear financial burden and/or stress.


For international students who have achieved the task of financing a move to the Netherlands to study at the DAI, second year is a critical financial and academic time. Non-EU second year students can find this period particularly difficult.

Upon graduating, non-EU DAI alumni become eligible for funding options that can make it possible to live (often humbly) as an artist in NL. As well as social benefits, there is also state and municipal funding, paid residency programs, and just the basic joy of sometimes being paid to show one’s work. 
The DAI Friends & Alumni Grant recognises that many privileges and opportunities can be traced to the structural wealth generated during the colonial reign of western European countries and into the present day, of which NL was and is a significant player. Students who pay international study fees are often those who come from places that have been systematically excluded and extracted from across centuries by countries such as the Netherlands. The DAI Friends & Alumni Grant takes a small step towards recognising this asymmetry, and sharing this wealth with others.
Wealth distribution is one step towards reparations. We encourage all those who are able to to pay it forward; any amount is welcome.


Donations to the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant are primarily sought during the fundraising drive at the beginning of the academic year. The grant is awarded once a year only. However, donations can be made at any time of the year. All monetary contributions go towards the student grant. There are no administrative fees



The grant was initiated in 2020 as a grassroots fundraiser by DAI alumni Clementine Edwards, Lukas Malte Hoffmann, Ulufer Çelik and Zachary Shoenhut (with the support of Valentina Curandi). In 2021 Raúl Silva joined as convener.

The conveners wish that the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant may continue to run annually. To increase this possibility, it is convened horizontally, voluntarily and as sustainably as is possible. Its structure is such that a changing group of alumni, including a recent graduate, convene the grant. This ensures rolling accountability, that no one convener is heavily ‘relied on’, and that they, the conveners, remain connected to the current student body. Grant recipients are not obliged to assist with convening the grant, but offered the option.

The 2021 recipients of the DAI Friends and Alumni Grant were Dandelion Eghosa, Hannah Lee Jones, Marilú Namoda, Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) and Marika Vandekraats

Meet the funding recipients here.

In 2021, DAI Friends & Alumni is convened by —


Ulufer Çelik (2018),

Clementine Edwards (2018),

Lukas Malte Hoffmann (2019),

Raúl Silva (2021)

Zachary Schoenhut (2020).

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The DAI Friends & Alumni Grant open call is shared directly with DAI second-year students after the beginning of the new academic year, so long as the conveners deem it viable. 

The open call is a simple and accessible two-page application form written in English. It is open for approximately three weeks [timing TBC by group].


The grant outcome is made public before the end of the calendar year.


The decision to apply for this grant may not be ‘simple’ for some. Likewise, the decision to not apply for this grant may not be ‘simple’ for some.


By taking the decision to apply, students enter into a contract of responsibility towards their fellow students who may be applying also, in full awareness that those others are also in a position of financial burden and/or stress.


The conveners invite second-year students to trust in that sense of collective responsibility. This is the sustenance of the DAI’s affective afterlife – and, in fact, how the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant came about in the first instance.

Meet the Funding recipients since 2020 here

Applications for 2021 Grant are closed


The DAI Friends & Alumni 2021 Grant is currently open. You can apply downloading the form and sending it to the email