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Funding recipients

DAI Friends & Alumni Grant raised money for a grant for second-year DAI students from outside the EU. This grant was to be shared with eligible and interested DAI students, who bear financial burden and/or stress in their second year of study.

Meet those who have been supported by this grant in previous years:

2022 ///

Lucas Lugarinho

1 - The Future. (2018) (oil and acrylic on canvas _ 90 x 140 cm).jpg



Lucas Lugarinho (BR) produces videogames and paintings as an effort to better understand our ever so mutualistic relationship with images. By exploring the constant feedback loop between culture, technology and nature, the artist steers through digital landscapes of subculture imageboards, buried blogs or over-attended videos in order to connect what modes of bonding with abstractions have emerged from the systematic reinforcement of past century’s telecommunications revolution over our lives.

yy? (b.1993) born and raised in Shandong, China. Her work encompasses social practice, installation, textile, and text. Through her practice, she examines her long interest in the position of women's subject within patriarchy, enacts critical social practices by researching feminist philosophies and activism archive, examining the dynamics within the power structure of Asian families, and expanding the imaginaries associated with polyphyletic communities.

2021 ///

Dandelion Eghosa

eghosa_dandelion_sleeping dogs.jpg

Dandelion Eghosa is a 27 year old non-binary visual artist from Nigeria, who is currently studying at the DAI Art praxis-Artez MA program in the Netherlands, working with diverse visual mediums including photography, digital, analog collages, and film. Their interests lie in documenting the expressions of everyday life and in highlighting marginalized identities particularly the Afro-LGBTQ+ community. Their work offers a fresh interpretation of queer imagery that provides a counterpoint to existing misrepresentations and encourages the expansion of human thought, beliefs and feelings.

Hannah Lee Jones

HannahJones_Image ex.jpg

Hannah Jones (US) is an interdisciplinary artist working with dance, writing, video and has a history of engagement in collaborative, experimental projects. She completed her undergraduate education in Studio Art at Oberlin College, after which she lived in Detroit, MI and is currently based in Berlin, DE.

Marilú Namoda

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-03 at 16.28.13 (1).jpeg

Marilú Mapengo Námoda is an artist whose work focuses on healing colonial trauma.

Performance, Storytelling, Astrology, Installations and Videoart are some of the multiple mediums she/they have been experiencing.
Currently developing LOVE PRAXIS an art intervention oriented to support humanity's on the journey of giving birth to the Futures.


Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) 


Maoyi is a former architect working within the realms of art and activism. They work with the tools of field research, visual design, moving images, sound, text, and sometimes performances to unpack a series of questions concerning queer migration and spatial resistance. As one of the co-founders of an independent space base in China, they work with queer feminist communities in cross-regions and transnational collaborations on the basis of considering the dynamics of underground spaces and queer practice within the East & Southeast Asian landscape.

Marika Vandekraats


Marika Vandekraats is a Canadian artist working with text, sculpture, performance, and sound to highlight moments of exchange between human and non-human worlds. 

Through this research, she (in)forms through a variety of knowledges and works to unravel the entanglements made between climate and capital in the world. She is currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2020 ///

Raúl Silva


Raúl Silva is an arts researcher focused on working from historic memory, approaching the relations between the colonial religious imagery, the ideal of modernity, the paradigm of progress and the aftermath of the internal armed conflict in Perú. He holds a BA in Fine Arts from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and am currently studying an MA in Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (ArtEZ).


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